Huge 300 pound grouper in the Sea of Cortez
Banner graphic shows a school of sea bass off the reef.
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arial view of the Cabo Pulmo Reef structure, surrounding half-moon mountain trimmed bay and mexican village of Cabo Pulmo in Baja Sur Mexico
Arial view of the Cabo Pulmo Reef structure, surrounding mountains of the half-moon bay and village of Cabo Pulmo.

Jon and Stacy together at their favorite beach

Welcome to Cabo Pulmo Diver.

This site is an online diary covering a 7day 6night adventure vacation to the Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort in Baja California Sur, Mexico. It chronicles Jon & Stacy Ammerman as they travel to "Cabo" to get their PADI Open Water scuba diving licenses at this remote Eco Resort and Dive Center.

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Cabo Pulmo is NOT Cabo San Lucas! With beautiful desolate beaches, and small tight-knit community of Mexican and expatriates, Cabo Pulmo is a great retreat from the madness of everyday life.

With plenty of coastline and few inhabitants, Cabo Pulmo is reminiscent of the early days of Baja. In range of a small hike are numerous secluded and gorgeous beaches that can can be "claimed" for the day. Cabo Pulmo with its beaches and reef is the last best kept travel secret. 3 hours total traveling time from Los Angeles and you can be surrounded by warm crystal clear water, sun, warm air and clean sand!

Secluded beach with perfect water for free diving and warm sand Cabo Pulmo was once a sleepy remote Mexican fishing and ranching village populated by just a few families. Though its still quite sleepy, Cabo Pulmo has gained international recognition as a world class dive location. Cabo Pulmo is comprised of 6 major reef fingers (many minor fingers) that "complete the moon" of a half-moon mountain trimmed bay. It is the northern most major reef system in North America. Recognizing this unique habitat, beginning in 1995 the Mexican government designated Cabo Pulmo as a National Park and Marine Preserve. Now staffed with park rangers, the boundaries of this preserve continue to grow. Since it is strictly off-limits to just about every kind of fishing, there is an extreme abundance of marine life here.

Situated at the Northern edge of the park lies the main "town". Comprised of historically local Mexican families and a healthy population of expatriated Gringos from USA and Canada, the village has a liberal layed back style. With only a few generators running to power air and water pumps, the village is entirely solar and wind powered. All water is well derived.

A Beautiful 1 hour drive from the International Airport in San Jose del Cabo (the main airport that services all of Cabo San Lucas), the road leaves pavement and becomes graded dirt and gravel just South of La Ribera (the nearest town) and remains gravel for about 10 miles until you arrive at the village. Once at the village follow the signs and make a left into the parking area for the Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort and Dive Center.

Main complex building has a Dive Center, Eco Resort reservations, Chef staffed restaurant. Do NOT be fooled by beach dive operations at Cabo Pulmo (You have been warned)!

Cabo Pulmo has only 1 real dive center. Operated by Cole Barrymore, the Cabo Pulmo Dive center sets itself apart form other "beach" dive operations at the park by operating a full service PADI certified dive school. With a fleet of specialty custom manufactured "panga" dive boats, its a large dive center offering every type of gear rental needed for this location. Staffed by courteous multi-lingual professional career divers, the service is unbeatable. The gear is maintained to the highest possible standard. Included in the same complex is the Beach Resort bungalow rental office, and above is the Chef operated Coral Reef Restaurant on the 2nd story.

The Beach Bungalow Eco Resort at Cabo Pulmo is a grouping of private tropical style palapa roofed buildings extending from the beach up into the valley. Accommodating divers, wedding groups, and travelers from all over the world the "resort" is a soul-healing retreat. Yoga (free) and massage are often available, offered by staff members or other guests.

For details about the Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, Dive Center, and Coral Reef Restaurant go here.