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The autor, Jon Ammerman Lies half asleep under the shade of a reed porch in a hammock

day 7

Mission accomplished! On our last day we enjoyed a breakfast out at the "El Caballero" restaurant and then packed things for our trip back home. We spent our remaining morning time amongst our great friends new and old.

A HUGE thanks goes out to the dive instructors Pilu Hermosilla and Henry Op Den Buys and to the Dive Center's main "jefe" Cole Barrymore.

The last day was kind of a blur. I was still recovering from the previous night's dive and party. We cruised to airport and got on our flight. Again the flight was uneventful. Back in LA in time for lunch. It was a terrific trip and time well spent. We return to the USA with a new skill and a new sport that will last a lifetime.
Stacy replaces her mask after swimming underwater without it. If anyone is considering getting certified for SCUBA I highly recommend going to Cabo Pulmo and getting certified there at Cole's Dive Center. The one-on-one attention from the excited and energetic instructors is amazing. They are true professionals.

Stacy and Cole enjoy the night waters after dive.