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Stacy and Jon recieve 1 on 1 instruction from Pilu

day 4

We woke up early to study some more in the morning, and then we had more examinations. This time Stacy and I scored the same missing 1 question each. By this point Stacy and I have almost completed the academic portion and have read nearly the whole book. This day was really focussed on gaining underwater experience and included 2 full dives. After completing the exams we received some more 1 on 1 instruction from Pilu and went over the day's dive plan.
Pilu carefully observes Stacy prepare unassited for her first dive of the day. The first dive was at El Frito, a shallow sand bottom area tucked into the north end of the park. This dive spot is unique in the park because there really isn't anything here. Just sand bottom. This dive location is used because its close to the dive center and protected from wind and current, making it perfect for closed water training on windy days. We spent quite a while underwater there, and we completed all our exercises. Removing mask, removing tank, removing BCD and recovery of BCD on surface were practiced. Most importantly to finish off this dive we did our emergency ascent here. Again Stacy kicked ass and totally aced all of the underwater work. What made our exercises rather challenging was that the visibility was horrible. In an area with a reputation for crystal clear water you have to try to find a murky spot, but we did. Visibility was about 7 feet. I think it was a really good experience though to dive in murky water like that.
Stacy floats free in the crystal clear water as a scuba diver with a large school of fish behind her. Next we re-boarded the boat, changed tanks and headed out to the "El Cantil" reef finger. Visibility here was 80feet+!!! It was really good. This would be our first "real" dive and it felt great. The aquatic life was insane. Big fish were everywhere. Stacy and I actually got a bit too excited and strayed from the instructor farther than she wanted. We wouldn't make that mistake again. We were given strict instructions to stay behind her next time. Stacy and I were still getting the hang of buoyancy on this dive. It was a really really cool dive. Despite our zealous exploration of the reef, Pilu was proud of our progress and assured us we were doing quite well at diving.
A beautiful plate of fresh scallops for dinner. We finished the dive, and returned back to the village. It was almost 6pm. Stacy was thankful to be back on Tera Firma. She had become queezy at the second dive spot (she made it without hurling!). The seas had been really rough with a 6ft. swell. Back at the dive center we disassembled and cleaned all our gear. Typically a licensed diver at Cabo Pulmo neither assembles nor disassembles and cleans the rental gear. That is provided to them as a service of the rental. However as dive students we needed to gain practice handling the gear so we were responsible for it.

Since we were nearly done with the reading component of our course, this night we decided to take off. We took a sunset stroll along the beach with a quick skinny dip in the warm soothing waters. We got "dressed up" and had another really great dinner at the Coral Reef restaurant. It was quite the "tropical paradise" romantic scene.