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A colorful rustic, and inviting palapa beach cottage awaits weary travelers.
Surrounded by lush green landscaping and palms, a colorful and inviting palapa cottage awaits the weary travelers.

The autor, Jon Ammerman Lies half asleep under the shade of a reed porch in a hammock

day 1

There isn't a lot to say about day 1. We flew, we drove, we slept, we ate, then went back to sleep. It was a remarkably uneventful day considering it involved an international flight.

After a smooth and eventless 2 hour flight from LA, we stopped at a San Jose grocery store and got stocked up on food and then drove 1 hour to Cabo Pulmo. We arrived at the resort around 2pm and directly proceeded to fall asleep until 6pm. I guess we really needed a vacation.

On waking up we went to the water's edge. The water was really really warm. After a beach walk and quick dip, we returned to the village and had an excellent dinner at the Coral Reef Restaurant (Best Tuna EVER). Then we went back to bed. I would say on the first day there, we were awake a total of 3 hours. Anyhow at least we got rested up for the remainder of the trip.

Stacy in a bakini walks down the sand road between palapas to unload groceries from the car. The first night I woke up 3 times to kill some scorpions that were running around. 3 times up, 3 times dead. Its not altogether unusual to find an occasional scorpion or centipede in Mexico, especially if you are there during or directly after the rainy season. Neither bug is life threatening to an adult. Just like a bad bee sting is all. They are just part of the ambiance. Having spent a lot of time around them, they hardly phase me any more, Stacy on the other hand was a little more nervous. We got a bug net for the rest of our stay and had no more problems with bugs. Just wear flip-flops at night.

Cabo Pulmo is a great place to "let your hair down". There really isn't a lot you need to pack for a vacation here. "Sandals, a small bikini and sarong will meet all your clothing needs" says Stacy. "Well... maybe a sweatshirt and long skirt for windy days or night time." she adds.